Blast Chillers

The Blast Chillers and Freezers in this range have chilling capacities of 18, 30, 60, 120 and 180kgs.

The larger models are available with or without remote condensing units to suit all kitchen requirements.

The 18, 30 and 60kg models within this range now have the unique Gram 5 year parts and labour warranty.

  • Stainless Steel
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Range Of Sizes
Construction of freezer rooms

Cooling cells fabricated in panel or prefabricated constructions are modular construction systems, which will be tailor-fitted to the local requirements. Fronts are available in white colour/powder-coated or stainless steel. Cooling cells in panel construction are characterized by smooth facings and rapid installation process.

Insulations are available in different thicknesses; they will be customized to the relevant ambient temperature. The conventional construction of a chill or a freezer room is an alternative with a higher durability and quality, as it is directly connected to the building. First of all we cover wall and floors with vapour barriers in order to protect them. Afterwards, we continue to build the cooling unit by means of high-quality insulation materials, screed, respectively plaster.

Visible surfaces may be designed in a consistent way, as with tilling in kitchens, for example. In cooling rooms it is also possible to lay synthetic resin floorings.

Tunnel Freezers

Outstanding quality, flexibility and efficiency

Cool Care offers a multi-purpose, cryogenic tunnel freezer of outstanding quality, flexibility and efficiency. Adjustable, high-speed internal fans, controllable gas injection and exhaust levels optimize the application of cryogenic gases for food cooling and freezing. Combining state-of-the-art technology with a high-quality hygienic design, Custom made tunnel freezers are easy to operate, easy to clean and suitable for a wide range of applications. Each model is available with or without infeed table for manual or mechanical feeding.

Instant Quicker Freezer

In food, meat, fruit, vegetable processing industry, the most important and hardest thing is to keep the finished product fresh and not go bad for a long time. However, this difficulty was solved when the historical innovation of instant quick freezing technology came into being. Most foods can be preserved for a long time when they are quickly froze at a very low temperature. The instant quick freezing draw all the water from the tiny cells of the food thus no bacteria can remained in the body of frozen food. All the natural characteristics of fresh fruit and vegetables are retained

The instant quick freezer (I.Q.F) can be applied in my fields such as fish processing, shrimp farm, slaughter house, fruit processing and vegetable factory.

CCT (Cool Care Technology) has considerable experience with quick freezing techniques for IQF ingredients, and we have extensive knowledge of fruit and vegetables and their possible IQF applications. Currently, we had innovated and developed three kinds of quick freezer in our product line.