Compressor Parts Replacement

If you need replacement parts for centrifugal, axial, or screw compressors, contact Cool Care. We have developed and refined processes based on our vast experience in order to design and manufacture compressor parts both quickly and cost-effectively.

With our comprehensive engineering design capabilities, we provide competitive solutions based on your needs and requirements. Our reverse-engineering process allows us to produce parts without original drawings. Typical replacement parts include:

Typical Services Include

  • Impellers
  • Diffusers
  • Diaphragms
  • Axial flow compressor blades
  • Screw compressor rotors
  • Shafts
  • Balance drums
  • Sleeves
  • All other compressor components

Compressor Repairs

Cool Care offers basic and advanced repairs, overhaul services, and component remanufacturing for centrifugal, axial, and screw compressors. Our engineering and technical services’ capabilities include rerates, rotor dynamics and failure analyses, in-house metallurgy, and more.

Compressor Services

You can count on Cool Care for the repair, replacement of parts, and complete overhaul of all centrifugal, axial, and process screw compressors. Our extensive network of facilities and experienced personnel provide fast and flexible services for your compressor.

We offer solutions tailored to meet your needs by combining our practical experience and knowledge with engineering know-how.

Typical Services Include

  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Individual component dimensional inspections
  • Rotor unstacking
  • Repair
  • Replacement of impellers, diffusers, Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV), shafts, and shaft components
  • Full machine shop capabilities
  • Shaft and gas-path coatings
  • Overspeed spin testing of impellers and balance pistons
  • Component part balancing
  • Rotor balancing at low and full operational speed
  • Assembly of rotors and machines
  • Final quality control inspections

With shops and rotor storage facilities located around the world, we are ready to handle all of your routine and emergency repairs. We have full engineering rerate and design capabilities for compressor upgrade projects. As a service-oriented, solution-driven company, we deliver fast and effective results.

Emergency Breakdown Services

In case of an emergency breakdown, CoolCare can mobilize teams of specialists to provide field service worldwide. Our staff can be at your site as soon as possible with fully-equipped tool containers to provide repair services for turbomachinery, generators, or motors.

The mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers in the field service group have experience across a broad range of brands and types of turbomachinery, generators, and motors. Our optimized supply chain supports you with the required parts and consumables. In addition, our global network of locations ensures parts are returned rapidly.

Our emergency field support services include:

  • On-site assistance on a worldwide basis, providing dedicated personnel and equipment as soon as possible
  • Expedited supply of new parts and consumables
  • On-site repair services
  • On-site troubleshooting and analysis

Emergency Repairs at Sea

In a break with conventions, our repair service has proven that large refigration and air conditioning machines can be repaired at sea. CoolCare helps you maximize profitable operation time by eliminating the need to take the vessel out of commission.

CoolCare has developed technical and practicable solutions for carrying out complete or partial stator rewinds, as well as repairs of generation and bow thruster units on board a ship. We offer a wide range of services available worldwide—we promptly mobilize our experts no matter where your ship is located.

Repairs to on-board ship electrical propulsion

On-board electrical inspections developed by CoolCare Turbo Services help you locate possible faults. This technique allows planned maintenance to rectify these problems before any major machine failure occurs.

Our services include:

  • Rapid call-out, assessment and repair
  • Uninterrupted operations
  • Fast, worldwide support
  • Reengineering of components
  • Repair of any make or type of machine, size and voltage
Vast experience

CoolCare Turbo Services benefits from many years of experience and knowledge in rewinding electrical propulsion motors, generators and bow thruster units on board ships under sail.

Friction and Wear

Wear can be caused by abrasion, adhesion, cavitation, erosion, mechanical cycling, vibration, and repetitive impact. We can recommend the right coating solutions to protect you from your specific wear risks.

When components slide against one another, the friction arising can wear the part through galling and overheating. Wear is the undesired removal of material from a component through tribosystems such as abrasion, adhesion, cavitation, erosion, fatigue and stress cracking, fretting, and impact. In conjunction with a corrosive environment, tribocorrosion will occur. This synergistic effect can cause very rapid loss of material, component failure, and machinery seizure. Surface technology can effectively reduce the friction coefficient, prevent wear, and improve lubrication.


Abrasion can result in very rapid wear. It is classified into two primary mechanisms: In two-body abrasion, a hard, rough surface scratches, cuts, or spalls a softer surface. In three-body abrasion, a hard third body damages one or both of the sliding surfaces. This is usually due to grit or dirt getting in between the sliding interface. This wear can be minimalized by hard coatings that are strongly adhered onto the substrate and feature diffusion layers.


When surfaces slide relative to one another, there is a tendency for one material to transfer onto the counterface. In its most severe form, adhesive wear results in galling and possibly machinery seizure through cold welding.

Adhesion can be combated with coatings that provide dissimilar materials and harder surfaces. We offer a variety of surface solutions using coating and diffusion techniques that match specific applications. For highly loaded components such as gears, plasma nitriding is the best solution.


Cavitation wear occurs on surfaces exposed to fluids in which entrained bubbles collapse at or near the surface. The collapse releases a jet of fluid that impacts the surface, causing a severe hammering effect.

Cavitation is best combated through component redesign that either stops bubble formation or inhibits bubble collapse near the affected surfaces. Coatings can provide temporary relief prior to the redesign, or can be used in applications where redesign is not feasible.

Intense cavitation is combated through tough materials that strongly work-harden, such as cobalt-based alloys. These are applied using processes that lead to metallurgical bonding, such as welding and fusing. For mild to weak cavitation, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coatings and carbonitriding can be used to reduce wear.


Erosion is caused by gad or liquid particles striking the surface of a component. The severity of wear strongly depends upon the velocity and hardness of the particles, as well as the angle of impact. It is crucial to consider all these conditions when designing a surface solution.

For high-angle attack, select a somewhat compliant coating or a very thick coating applied by welding or thermal spray. For low-angle attack, very hard coatings are preferred.

Fatigue and stress cracking

Changing mechanical stresses cause fatigue and stress. Mechanical cycling of components or surfaces can result in local crack initiation and growth. This can cause catastrophic component failure or localized pitting, as often seen on gear faces.

Generally, this is best solved by mechanical redesign. However, diffusion treatments such as nitriding are very effective in increasing fatigue resistance by introducing compressive stresses. Thermal spray processes, especially the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) method, introduce compressive stresses within the coating that benefit components exposed to high-stress cycling.


Fretting is damage caused by low amplitude vibration and/or small oscillations between two surfaces contacting each other. This damage often goes unnoticed for a long time. Over long periods, particularly at high temperatures or in corrosive environments, this friction can lead to fatigue cracking and loss of component functionality.

CoolCare offers coating solutions that provide excellent anti-fretting properties. For example, thermal sprayed copper-nickel-indium prevents fretting on the roots of gas turbine blades.


Impact is the sudden striking of one object against another with high force. Repetitive impact often causes substrate materials to weaken and crack.

Impact-resistant coating applications require materials that are hard, thick, and especially tough. Such materials should then be applied using a system that metallurgically bonds the coating to the substrate, such as Plasma Transformed Arc (PTA) overlaying or fused thermal spraying.

General Mechanical Services

We offer a full range of mechanical services and capabilities, from machining and turning to metal recovery and super finish grinding. When a breakdown occurs, we provide on-site services 24/7 in order to reduce downtime.

Mechanical breakdowns lead to lost production and consequently lost revenue. They can occur at any time, day or night. When they do, CoolCare responds quickly to your problem.

We offer many services, from the repair or remanufacture of worn or damaged components to the overhaul and rebuild of a complete machine. We can manufacture new components when repair is not possible or is not economical.

Do you have bearings needing repair? CoolCare repairs bearings by using white metal/babbitt replacement to extend the lifetime of your equipment. We offer high-quality service with a fast turnaround time to help get your equipment back on stream quickly.

We replace white metal/babbitt in bearings of all sizes, from small to large (over 500mm). We use high-quality centrifugal casting for complex bearing repairs, and manual casting for large bearing repairs. During the repair process, we control the melting pot temperature to preserve metal properties. Non-destructive testing (NDT) such as ultrasound and dye penetrant is then used to check the bonding of the white metal to the bearing shell.

White metals/babbitts have long been used as an anti-friction material for bearing linings. Applications include:

  • Crankshaft bearings
  • Crosshead bearings
  • Intermediate bearings Turbine bearings
  • Pump bearings
  • Main gear bearings
  • Thrust pads for main shafts, turbines and crankshafts
  • Stern tube bearings

The quality of the replacement white metal/babbitt depends on preparation, top-class quality control procedures, and experience. We rely on our experience to select the optimum grade of white metal for the job, and to cast the white metal. We use new metal for every job in order to ensure top quality.

Dynamic balancing is standard practice for reducing bearing load and running noise. Dynamic balancing after a repair can increase the lifetime and efficiency of your rotating equipment.

Dynamic balancing is usually performed after the repair or manufacture of a component.

Balancing helps to:
  • Reduce bearing load
  • Reduce running noise
  • Increase lifetime
  • Improve quality
  • Increase efficiency

We provide balancing service both at our workshops and on-site, using the very latest electronic precision balancing equipment.

  • Workshop capacity ranges from 0.1 kg to 54,400 kg (0.2 lbs to 120,000 lbs) and to a maximum length of 9 meters (30 feet).
  • Most components can be accommodated and balanced either to a specific tolerance or the applicable ISO or API specifications.

In some cases, a component requires a mandrel or modification to enable either mounting in the machine or attachment of correction weights. Our experienced engineers can design and manufacture the necessary parts, taking into account the required tolerance.

This service is not limited to items we manufacture or repair in-house. We perform dynamic balancing of production batches for many "Blue Chip" companies.

WRely on CoolCare for machining the parts of your rotating equipment. Our around-the-clock operations and extensive geographical coverage enables us to meet your needs.

Machining is of major importance in any reclamation process. This technique is used in various situations such as turning a shaft to size after welding or metal spraying, grinding a roller after hard chromium plating, or manufacturing a new component such as a gear when refurbishing a gearbox.

Our network of repair centers can carry out any machining process, including:

  • Prep and finish
  • Reverse engineering and remanufacture
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Vertical boring
  • Horizontal boring
  • Slotting
  • Drilling
  • CNC machining

We offer surface engineering and thermal spraying to ensure optimal performance. CoolCare can engineer the most suitable surface or coating to improve the performance of a component in a specific environment.

CoolCare can engineer the best-fitting surface or coating, based on years of experience, to find the optimum solution for you.

The BESCOTE® system helps select and apply the most suitable and cost-effective surface using either:

  • Welding
  • Electroplating
  • Thermal spraying

BESCOTE® takes full account of the component's operating environment, its base material, working temperature, and any corrosive or erosive conditions as well as life cycles and costs. The BESCOTE® system can then be formulated for the application and fully defined and documented.

Hard chromium electroplating

Hard chromium produces a metal coating with a low friction coefficient thus ensuring hardness, wear resistance, and anti-corrosion properties (when used with nickel).

Mining equipment, rolls, and cylinders all benefit from reduced wear and anti-corrosion properties. Chromium has a low friction coefficient, making it an ideal coating for bearing journals, crankshafts, and hydraulic arms.

Adhesion and wear resistance remain good at high operating temperatures: the melting point of chromium is 1800ºC and the metal does not soften up to 400ºC. Chromium has the lowest friction band coefficient of commonly-used metals; other materials will only adhere to it with difficulty. When chromium is deposited correctly, it is impossible to detach the deposit from the base material.

Other key benefits of chromium:
  • Surface hardness in excess of 62Rc
  • Can be deposited in thicknesses ranging from 0.0005 to 0.040” (optimum range: 0.010”)
Nickel electroplating

Nickel can often be used underneath chromium to provide corrosion protection, or where heavy deposits are required. When used alone, nickel provides added protection for components operating in a highly corrosive atmosphere or in chemical solutions.

Our plating tanks are amongst the largest in the UK; we can accommodate the majority of industrial plating work.

Thermal spraying

CoolCare offers all forms of thermal spraying currently available and which can be used to restore component dimensions with materials similar to the original. Using recently-engineered coatings increases equipment life without distorting, cracking, or making the base material brittle.

We use various techniques:
  • Combustion wire
  • Electric arc
  • Combustion powder
  • Atmospheric plasma spraying (APS)
  • High velocity oxygen fuel spraying (HVOF)
New Gigant solvent degreasing plant
  • One of the biggest closed circuit degreasers outside the aerospace industry
  • Uses trichloroethylene, a highly efficient and virtually emission-free cleaning medium
  • Heated solvent vapor and spray wash used for cleaning, in order to remove contaminants from the most complex shapes
  • Leaves no residue on the components
  • Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Permit (LAIPPC)
  • Site runs a BSI-approved 14001 Environmental Management System
  • A Lloyds-approved plating facility
  • Member of the Surface Engineering Association

Tank capacity: up to 8ft x 3ft x 12ft (2.5m x 0.9m x 3.6m)

All industries using mechanical machinery face a similar problem: machinery loses efficiency through wear during normal operation. Unit reconditioning by CoolCare improves performance and extends the lifetime of your equipment.

Thanks to our in-house precision fitting skills, we can recondition all types of process machinery such as engines, compressors, crushers, and gearboxes to their original state—or even to an enhanced level. We reclaim assembly components using a wide range of material replacement techniques, thereby both improving performance and extending equipment lifetime. The units are rebuilt with a special attention to details and then subjected to a thorough final inspection for quality assurance.

Reconditioning has many benefits over buying new machinery:
  • Reconditioning can be faster than waiting for a replacement unit, particularly if the original is old.
  • The new unit may not be a direct fit, and will be taken care of during installation and commissioning to ensure satisfactory operation.

Surface engineering can often improve the wear characteristics of key components, thereby extending the unit's operational life.

Inspection and Analysis

Inspection and analysis provides you with the confidence of knowing the condition of your equipment. Maintenance and overhauls reduce the risk of failure and additional costs and knowing the condition of your equipment provides an opportunity for modifications to reach optimized performance levels.

Problems with rotating machinery can be caused by a wide range of conditions, many of which are not related to the machine itself.

Root cause analysis

Operators of pumps and other rotating equipment often have difficulty isolating the root cause behind poorly performing equipment.

Widely acknowledged for our industry-leading pump technology, we are your ideal partner to find the root cause of poorly performing equipment and systems.

A typical project consists of a study of the complete installation. The existing instrumentation schematics are also reviewed to assess their suitability for the inspection process and ongoing monitoring of the equipment. If required, we are able to provide full instrumentation for the inspection of the equipment and system.


During a typical site inspection, we;

  • Confirm pump duty during normal operation and under process upset conditions (flow, head, speed, balance, line flows, etc.)
  • Record vibration parameters (both absolute and relative figures)
  • Collect data during the start-up and shutdown phases
  • Temperature measurement (bearings, cooling systems, seal flushes, etc.)
  • Check mechanical seals for leaks
  • Review operation of minimum flow valve or other control devices
  • Check for other external leaks and abnormal noises
Analysis and recommendations

Measurements are analyzed by our engineers, who prepare detailed reports covering the following:

  • Comparison of current operating conditions to the original design criteria
  • Estimation of recirculation losses of balance system wear (where applicable)
  • Recommendations for any changes in general operation (e.g. temperature limits)
  • Recommendations to existing maintenance regimes
  • Recommendations for any system or process changes
  • Recommendations for stocking critical spare parts
  • Proposal for pump modifications if applicable
Your key benefits are:
  • Knowledge of current pump condition without the need for a shutdown
  • Potential to extend pump operating time between scheduled maintenance periods
  • Recommendations for system and process optimization
  • Optimized spare parts stocking
  • Potential to upgrade the pump with latest technology and materials
  • Direct and indirect cost savings

Machining Services

Our in-depth technical knowledge enables us to develop specialized machining services such as electro discharge machining and electro-chemical drilling of cooling holes of various diameters and lengths in complex airfoil structures.

Airfoil processing

Features we apply on gas turbine airfoils include:

  • Film cooling holes
  • Internal cooling holes
  • Seal slots
  • Tip cavities
  • Root notches
  • Tip closures
  • Coatings

We can also deliver engine-ready parts, performing the complete workflow in-house:

  • Casting
  • Conventional machining
  • Non-conventional machining
  • Coating

CoolCare excels at applying features on gas turbine airfoils that include film cooling holes, internal cooling holes, seal slots, tip cavities, root notches, tip closures and coatings.

Unique scope of in-house machining capabilities

Our comprehensive, specialized manufacturing facilities provide across-the-board solutions for manufacturing critical aircraft engine components. We can easily adapt to specification changes, such as component design modifications that require manufacturing process alterations. With our lean manufacturing methods, we deliver your part on time and at the required quality.

Cellular manufacturing

Our cellular manufacturing environment maximizes efficiency. We process families of components in semiautonomous teams that operate as effectively as possible, providing you a competitive service. Each team is supported by in-cell manufacturing engineers that drive continuous process improvement. In-cell performance indicators provide each team with continuous feedback. This approach enables us to get the most out of our internal resources.

Our “Zero Defects” policy reduces our cost-of-quality and ensures that products delivered is im accordance to your requirements. Our Material Review Board, consisting of cell engineers, production team leaders and quality engineers, has the objective to decrease scrap and increase “first time right” production. The cell engineer also supports our production operators with root cause analysis to structurally improve our internal processes. We continuously expand our operators’ working knowledge with recurring process training sessions taught by experienced, in-house trainers.

Successful long-term OEM relationships

Our long-term customer relationships are a testimony to the value we add as an industry leader. We offer true innovation, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities to take gas turbine components from concept through successful production.

Our involvement at the earliest phases of development improves the manufacturability of critical engine components. We rely on our experience to exceed expectations and meet even the most challenging goals. Using our production and engineering expertise, we continuously develop our internal processes, reducing manufacturing costs and improving part‑to‑part repeatability. We have the capacity to produce the volumes and quality you require. CoolCare is your trusted partner, committed to your success.

Overhaul Services

For maintenance and overhaul services regarding many types and brands of turbomachinery, generators, and motors, you can rely on CoolCare. We work with you to provide flexible and innovative solutions.

CoolCare has highly skilled and experienced personnel located around the globe offering the assistance you require. We are dedicated to providing independent service, fast turnaround, and high-quality overhauls. Our service crews always work with you as a partner.

Our overhaul services feature:
  • Dedicated multi-skilled mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers working in partnership with you
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Fully-equipped tool containers
  • Technical support offered by office-based staff

Replacement Parts

When repairing turbomachinery equipment, parts may need to be replaced in order to restore your equipment and optimize its performance. CoolCare is a reliable partner with extensive experience, offering fast and cost-effective services.


Our full reverse engineering capabilities help you extend the lifetime of your equipment. With our broad technological and material knowledge, we can advise you on improvements. Our ability to supply high-quality components offers you better value for your service budget.

We provide a wide range of Balance of Plant (BOP) services for rotating equipment, including the manufacture of parts. The reliability of motors, blowers, ancillary turbines, and other rotating equipment is key for operating your plant. Use our services to make your operations more reliable.

CoolCare has developed and refined processes to design and manufacture a full range of parts for BOP rotating electrical equipment. We supply high-quality components—often with improvements and enhancements over the original design—making us an attractive alternative to OEMs.

Our comprehensive reverse engineering capabilities help you extend the lifetime of your equipment. With our broad technological and material knowledge, we can advise you on improvements. Our ability to supply high-quality components offers you better value for your service budget.

For highly efficient and dependable coil manufacturing, choose CoolCare. Our preproduction support includes computer-aided design and a database of coil winding information.

We check existing designs, redesign to improve performance, and create production drawings and process instruction sheets automatically. Our in-house, highly sophisticated copper rolling mill offers both inline and pot annealing facilities. Therefore we offer around-the-clock coil manufacturing capabilities with short lead times on copper strip. You benefit from our large stocks of continuously-cast soft copper rod, which ensures that we meet your demands quickly.

We work with precision
  • Formed coils are produced on automatic shaping machines which guarantee consistent geometry and coil fit.
  • Computer-controlled taping machines provide perfect lapping and consistent tension, giving built-in security of coil insulation.
  • A range of electrically-heated hydraulic presses up to 24 feet (7 meters) ensures highly accurate size and consistent control of pressed coil sides—with a perfect slot fit.

If you need replacement parts for centrifugal, axial, or screw compressors, contact CoolCare. We have developed and refined processes based on our vast experience in order to design and manufacture compressor parts both quickly and cost-effectively.

With our comprehensive engineering design capabilities, we provide competitive solutions based on your needs and requirements. Our reverse-engineering process allows us to produce parts without original drawings. Typical replacement parts include:

  • Impellers
  • Diffusers
  • Diaphragms
  • Axial flow compressor blades
  • Screw compressor rotors
  • Shafts
  • Balance drums
  • Sleeves
  • Sleeves

CoolCare has developed and refined processes and procedures to manufacture technologically-advanced components used in industrial gas turbine applications. We produce components associated with the hot gas path and compressor sections.

Replacement Parts

While our repair processes focus on lifetime extension, some parts must be replaced in order to restore your equipment and optimize performance. We manufacture brand-new components in both the hot and cold sections including blades, vanes, liner, and hot-gas casings. We have the capability to incorporate improvements to the original design based on our engineering expertise and the specific needs of the customer.

High Quality

We manufacture and supply gas turbine components for many different makes and models. In most cases we provide a more cost-efficient and faster alternative to the OEM. Our commitment to high quality and fast turnaround ensures your unit goes back into operation with reliable performance and high availability.

For repair services, spares, and replacement of worn or damaged steam turbine parts — regardless of the brand — choose CoolCare. With our broad knowledge of materials and technologies, we can advise on improvement possibilities for your parts.

As a leader in the steam turbine service business, CoolCare has developed extensive know-how in repair methods, spare parts manufacture and management, and upgrades.

Spare parts from OEMs are often required prior to the planned inspection of a steam turbine in order to be ready to replace stators, bearings, seals, or blades. But during inspection, there is not enough time to order these spares from the OEM.

First-class parts manufacturing facilities

CoolCare Turbo Services is equipped to keep your downtime to a minimum. We have the facilities to repair parts or manufacture new replacement parts during inspection. This reduces your maintenance costs drastically.

We can also provide engineered solutions such as material improvements, efficiency upgrades, and lifetime extensions. During inspections or repair periods, we collect all the data necessary to provide you with tailored engineered solutions.

We can supply any spare or replacement part, including:

  • Rotors
  • Stators/diaphragms
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Valves
  • Casings

We provide better value for your service budget and minimize turnaround times by repairing or manufacturing the parts you need in the most expedient manner.